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Survival Kit Drybag
Content Overview
Storage and Tools
First Aid
Communication, Orientation, Power Supply
Starting Fire
Cutting Tree Branches
Emergency Survival Camping Kit

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  • PVC seameles technology - drybag
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE SURVIVAL KIT: Take your adventures to the next level with the Ready Prep Supplies Professional Survival Kit, an all-in-one camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and exploration kit suitable for all terrains and challenges. Includes tent, essential tools, and medical equipment.
  • 127 PCS TOP QUALITY ADVENTURE GEAR: Receive 27 products for a total of 127 pieces of top-quality adventure gear and tactical survival material. Our outdoor kit includes a fixed blade hunting knife, 25” pocket chainsaw, complete fishing rod kit, solar hand-crank radio receiving weather radio’s channels, flashlight, motion sensor and power bank, campfire starter.
  • SOS FIRST AID KIT & GUIDEBOOK: Stay safe with our comprehensive emergency first aid kit containing 107 medical supplies, triangular bandages (check 15 Uses for a Triangular Bandage), gauze, scissors, alcohol pads in a compact medical case. Plus, benefit from a professional backcountry first aid guidebook Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care by Buck Tilton.
  • ALL IN 20L FLOATING DRYBAG: All items fit comfortably in the army green 20L capacity fully waterproof, floating dry bag perfect for wet terrain, boating and hunting. Our outdoor bag has versatile straps and space for additional personal items.
  • OUTDOOR SURVIVAL TOOLS: Ready Prep Survival Kit contains all the survival essentials you need to handle any emergency, natural disaster, adventure trek, outdoor challenge, or activity. Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, EMTs, hunters, military, police and more.


DeploymentEmergency, Survival, Camping, Boating Weight9 lbs
MaterialPVC seameles technology Dimensions H x W19 x 9 inch
ColorGreen Items127


The Ready Prep Supplies Adventure Survival Kit is a comprehensive 127-piece outdoor emergency survival kit in a tough 20-litre waterproof drybag. Be prepared for any situation, emergency, natural disaster, or adventure with our military-grade outdoor gear selection. In this kit, you will receive top-quality equipment, including a solid fixed blade hunting knife, a 25” pocket chainsaw with sharp teeth that can cut trees up to 10” in diameter, a complete fishing kit that includes a rod with reel, line, float, hooks, weights, and spinner in a storage box with additional fishing accessories, plus a solar-charged hand-crank radio with a flashlight, motion sensor and power bank. Plus, a whistle, coiled splint, heated blankets, fire starter, 50ft paracord, multitool, tube tent (240x152x90cm), eating utensils, portable water filler and a compass. Stay safe when out and about with our emergency SOS First Aid Kit, which includes 11 different medical supplies, for a total of 107 individual items. In the compact medical case, you’ll find triangular bandages, alcohol pads, gauze pads, cloth tape, adhesive bandages, safety pins, gloves, scissors, tweezers, and cotton applicators. This is the perfect tactical kit for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, trekking and any outdoor activity. Our 20-Litre drybag floats on water and is fully waterproof. When filled with all products and securely closed, it can reach up to 19” H x 9” W in size, and 24” H x 14” W when empty. Use the versatile carry straps to secure to yourself or any vehicle or boat for easy transportation. The Ready Prep outdoor military survival kit makes for a truly unique and amazing Father’s Day gift, a Christmas gift for men, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and thrill-seekers. Give them all they need to be fully prepared on any adventure or activity, complete with a professional backcountry survival guidebook. Go out and explore the possibilities with Ready Prep Supplies, experts in outdoor survival and adventure.

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