Tent camping with kids.

Posted by Kris on July-6-2023

My wife and I decided to take our daughters aged 5 and 7 for their first tent camping trip. We wanted to expose them to the experience of sleeping in a tent. We were excited about the prospect of the kids spending 4 days outdoors in the nature and having a break from the screen.
Once we arrived, I got engaged with setting the tent and a campfire. Our camping gear included some new items like the tent and air mattresses we never used before, so the setup was exciting. In the meantime, my wife and kids explored the amenities of the camp. We were at the KOA located at New Bern, NC. There was a pool, fishing dock, kayaks rentals, fossil workshop, couple of fishing ponds. It seemed like a great place to spend couple of days that offered a lot of activities.
Everything was going as planned until mid-first day …. My older daughter approached me and shared that she was bored…. How could she be bored out there in this beautiful place?!?! Initially I could not grasp why would she say that but being proactive, I started discussing with her a plan of our activities for that day.
I was thinking about that later. It seemed that with each day the kids engaged more and more with the new surroundings and kept busy with new activities. I think that when you pull them out from the environment of their home where they have their usual activities and toys, they need some time to adjust and start making themselves busy in new ways.
Here are some of the tips from our trip: