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Waterproof Dry Bag 20L

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Emergency Survival Camping Kit

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“As someone that buys all things survival, I was happy to see another option that I did not own. Waterproof bag was what sold me” – John, Charlotte, NC
“I was very impressed with the quality of this product. The knife is a top-notch tactical knife that I trust to take everywhere with me." – Sam, Houston, TX
“I feel confident when walking out the house with my three kids knowing that I have necessary tools for a) defending myself, b) staying warm and c) providing food if necessary” – Krystle, Buffalo NY
“We love to go camping every spring and there is constant need for different tools/utensils. The Ready Prep survival kit gave us all we needed in one kit. – Chris, Columbia, SC
“Prepping is my passion and I aim to have a survival kit for every situation possible. I needed a new bag for my wife’s car after she had damaged her old one. After hours of searching for one, the Ready Prep kit in drybag has checked all my needs” – James, Athens, GA

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In uncertain times, having a physical advantage and staying on top of your best survivalist fitness can be the difference between life and death. Whether situation we are facing is a natural disaster, economic collapse, or any crisis scenario, having a well-conditioned body is crucial for endurance, ...

How to teach a kid to swim.
Swimming is one of the survival skills that may be essential and lifesaving in many situations. As Plato, the Greek philosopher said: "A man is not learned until he can read, write, and swim." When my wife and I became parents with our first daughter we had big plans to teach her swimming very early...